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Unity3d Aim and Shoot Tutorial | Unity3d iOS & Android Mobile Game Development Course for Beginners

This is video tutorial# 64 of unity 3d assassin’s creed mirage game clone course. In this course you will learn and develop assassin’s creed mirage game clone using unity game engine. Support our Work, Become a Patron & Donate: Free Course,This Complete Course Playlist: …

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Re-Create Defender in Unity – Part 13

In this Unity tutorial we will be re-creating the classic arcade game Defender.Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro I think you will find this tutorial useful and entertaining. In part 13 add a «Wave Complete» screen and award bonus points for any …

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Part 7: NTC thermistor sensor temperature display arduino and LCD interfacing

Click here for the play list: File:… Download Arduino IDE: UNO R3 description:*1o2fqz4*_ga*MjM5NjMzNjk1LjE2NzkzMTAzNjI.*_ga_NEXN8H46L5*MTY3OTc0ODYxNS4xMS4xLjE2Nzk3NDg2NzkuMC4wLjALCD: #signalconditioning#temperaturecontroller#thermistor #Howtouseproteus#sensorwitharduino#sensorarduinocoding#Amplifiersignalconditioning#proteus8 #lcddisplay In this video, we will display room temperature from the temperature detected with a wheatstone bridge circuit and amplifier for our thermistor temperature sensor. Being …

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